Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of Naturalism

Author: Phillip E. Johnson, Jefferson Peyser Emeritus Professor of Law - University of California at Berkeley

This article flows as one long chain of thought, and is thus rather difficult to summarize. Basically, Johnson thoroughly explores the dogmatic, metaphysical, naturalism that underlies Darwinism and easily illustrates its lack of empirical foundation. He essentially, and effecitvely, debunks myth after myth by showing that the basis of Darwinism lies in faith not fact.

He begins with the standard argument about what is wrong with creationism and picks it apart throughout the rest of the article. He covers a number of topics in the process including biology, paleontology, religion, and philosophy. He points out repeatedly that Darwinism is a belief system, devoid of hard facts or verifiability, dogmatically pressed upon Western culture by a small controlling minority of specialists who are better qualified as thought police rather than scientists. Darwinism is at odds with every form of teleology. It is important to understand the full implications of Darwinist propoganda; this article helps do just that.


At 9:13 AM, Blogger Daniel Levesque said...


I have been following this blog since you requested my aid on it, and I have come to a decision. I am perfectly comfortable contributing to it, and if you wantto, feel free to use my latest post on my own blog here. I think you will find it compelling.

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Seamus said...

I read your post, and you make some very good points. The Ica/Nazca stones are interesting and I'd like to see what your usual detractors have to say about it all.

If you can give me your email address (or any email address), I'll send you an invite so you can post here on your own. You don't have to post book reviews like I am, you can post whatever related to creationism/evolution.

Perhaps the safest way to give me an email address is to email me first, that way you don't have to post it anywhere. You can email me through my profile.

At 5:08 PM, Blogger Seamus said...

Oh and by the way, you are also welcome to invite others. You can invite any creationists who you think would like to post, and you can invite your usual dissenters if they want to argue about it through comments.


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