Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I created this blog as a public place in which I can place a list of book reviews. I was inspired, in a sense, by "Nathan's Books" which is practically identical to what I just described. Instead of posting reviews on all of the books I read, however, I will post information for one particular purpose: an assessment and review of current creationist publications.

Why? I want to become a well informed participant in the debate between evolution and creation. Perhaps I can reach a level of Expert Layman. I don't hold any official credentials in science, though I do have training in the arts, and I will never claim otherwise. What I do hold, however, is the human ability of common sense and critical thought.

Who cares about the books I read anyway? Probably no one (which is also a fair critcism of "Nathan's Books"). This blog is mostly for my own benefit. Maybe eventually I'll decide to write some sort of book on this topic, but no promises. In any case, if any one does read this blog and decides to post/argue. Feel free.


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