Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why Do Men Believe Evolution Against All Odds?

Author: Carl E. Baugh
Publication: Bible Belt Publishing 1999

I picked up this small book on my recent trip to Glen Rose, TX. While there I visited the Creation Evidence Museum run by Dr. Baugh and was eager to pick up any material cataloguing his discoveries. This book provides a short section detailing his fossils with photographs.

Essentially, this book is a running list of reasons why evolution, both biological and cosmological, is not a valid explanation of life. Dr. Baugh's research is evident, as demonstrated by his frequent quotations. This book is too small and too broad to satisfy most, but it does contain some good information and research and it does contain a short section of the Glen Rose fossil material (which, as I said, is why I wanted this book in the first place).

Chapter one provides a list of reasons why evolution, as a world view, is both depressing and unfulfilling. Chapter two links evolution to both ancient and modern religious ideas. Chapter three gives a brief description of the big bang and illustrates why it is implausible and impossible. Chapter four provides reasons as to why life could not have originated spontaneously by purely natural forces. Chapter five combats the idea that evolution can account for change beyond the genus/species level; in other words, he argues that macroevolution is unfounded. Chapter six probes the issue of stasis, both in the fossil record and modern life forms. Chapter seven discusses the geological column; it is here that Dr. Baugh discusses his fossil discoveries and provides photographs. Chapter eight argues for a young universe. Chapter nine discusses design in the universe. Chapter ten discusses evolution as a tormented world view. Some of Dr. Baugh's quotes are useful and impressive. He has obviously done a lot of reading.

As for the Glen Rose fossils, I don't know of any other books where these can be found together. Alongside his pictures, he discusses the fossil footprints (which Dr. Baugh maintains are human), a fossilized human finger, and a fossilized handprint. All of these fossils have been found amoung cretaceous rocks. His evidence is quite interesting. In addition to his Glen Rose material, he discusses some Permian fossil prints (one of which is clearly human) from the Robledos Mountains in New Mexico, a fossilized hammer, some ancient burial stones with very clear dinosaur images on them from Central America, and the recent find of fossilized cowboy feet/legs inside leather boots. The hammer is supposedly cretaceous, which creates obvious problems for evolutionists. The burial stones are very interesting and raise the serious question of 'How did ancient people know exactly what dinosaurs looked like (we're not talking about images of bones)'. The cowboy fossil is obviously recent but provides further evidence that complete fossilization can occur in shockingly small amounts of time (in this case less than 30 years).

This book is a quick read and the money, in my opinion, goes to a good cause. Dr. Baugh is building a new musuem facility with a large hyperbaric biosphere where he will attempt to recreate pre-flood earth conditions. Some of his preliminary experiments demonstrate that animals can grow much larger and live much longer under these conditions. His experiments are very intriguing.

This book is interesting. If for nothing else, at least for the Glen Rose material.


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