Thursday, April 05, 2007

Goings On

So I still haven't posted anything with much content in it. Shame on me.

Samuel, my son, was born February 13th and my time has revolved around him since.

I do still manage to get a little done, however. I became a sustaining member of the Creation Research Society to receive their quarterly journal: Creation Science Research Quarterly. This also gave me access to their archive of past journals which I've been delighted to peruse. Some of the articles are fantastic. I was especially impressed by an article regarding the encephalization quotients of primates and how, when correcting for body posture and degree of bipedality, extinct primates such as Australopithecus and others do not indicate an increase in brain size other than in a proper ratio to their body mass.

I am reading a book called The Law, Darwinism, and Public Education which Michell had from one of her courses at Baylor. It is a fascinating book and an enlightening glimpse into the current legal arguments surrounding Intelligent Design. I also picked up The God Delusion by Dawkins (I happened across it as one of my new books to process at work) to finally get a taste of today's most outspoken atheist/darwinist.

Anyhow, hopefully I'll manage to post something of value again eventually.


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