Sunday, July 30, 2006

Are we still evolving?

"Are humans still evolving? In the vernacular sense of improving morally and intellectually - by cultural changes - I think so," says Steven Pinker. "In the biological sense of changes in the gene pool, it's impossible to say." If pressed to come off the fence, however, the Harvard-based evolutionary biologist knows where he stands. "People, including me, would rather believe that significant human biological evolution stopped between 50,000 and 100,000 years ago, before the races diverged, which would ensure that racial and ethnic groups are biologically equivalent," he says. "

This is from an article in the New Scientist magazine. Maybe its just me but according to natural selection how is it possible for something to stop evolving, unless its perfect. How can you change your theories to be politically correct.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Seamus said...

Awesome information, coolwater. That's a fantastic quote. This is right in line with what Lubenow discusses in the second edition of Bones of Contention: the evolutionary community created this theory called "African Eve" which they desperately adhere to without evidence in order to be politically correct.

Evolutionary theories are so fluid and unstable because they lack any hard evidence. All of the evidence they do have is so subjective that it can accomodate any theory, and in fact even completely contradictory theories at the same time. This has led many great thinkers, like Christopher Michael Langan, to conclude that "evolution", particularly Darwinist evolution, adds nothing to our knowledge of the natural world. It merely absorbs everything (even irreconcilable "facts") and constantly changes its story to account for the newest absorption. The theory can neither predict anything nor provide any insight beyond mere observation.


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